New 3-door Cooler Model

New 3-door Cooler Model

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FS1600H-P 3-door cooler without canopy is still the same bigger and better cooler, as FSC1600H-P with canopy.

This 3-door cooler is perfect for convenience stores, gas stations and supermarkets but also for large restaurants, cafés and bars, where you want a big visual impact. Condenser, glass, light, shelves and finish were improved last year before launch in order to save energy, save on maintenance and naturally present products better.

The 3-door models have spiral condenser in order to improve cooling performance and minimize maintenance. 
They have 2-layered glass and 2 internal fans, also in order to improve the cooling performance.

There is LED light inside the door frame to improve product presentation and there is naturally adjustable shelves.
For easy movement of the large units, they are equipped with both castors and adjustable feet. This is also the case for the freezer model UFSC1600GCP-P.

The freezer version has 3 layered glass with coating, frame heater and the 2 internal fans in order to improve cooling.
It also has 2 separate cooling systems in order to safeguard the frozen products against system failure.

Read more about the two coolers FS1600H-P and FSC1600H-P or the freezer UFSC1600GCP-P.