TEFCOLD acquires assets of Capital Cooling

TEFCOLD acquires assets of Capital Cooling

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The TEFCOLD Group has acquired certain assets of Beheren Limited trading as Capital Cooling as of March 14, 2022. The acquisition takes place as an asset deal where a subsidiary in the TEFCOLD Group “Hamsard 3655 Limited” is the acquiring company.

Capital Cooling is a well-known company within commercial cooling in the UK. During February 2022 Capital Cooling went into administration and the TEFCOLD Group has acquired certain assets including stock, trademarks, domain names, fixed assets, and the Goodwill of Capital Cooling from the administrators. The acquisition includes the transfer of 14 employees. The senior management of Capital Cooling is not part of the transaction.

”We believe our strong operational model including quality control, logistics and suppliers relationships will create significant value to the present customers of Capital Cooling and we are thrilled to develop the business further in the coming months” says TEFCOLD Group Chairman Mr. Torben Christensen and continues “Capital Cooling has a business model that is complementary to the TEFCOLD business model and we are convinced that the acquisition will generate significant growth to the TEFCOLD Group and to existing suppliers to Capital Cooling.

During the next 1-2 weeks the TEFCOLD Group will reach out to all suppliers and key customers to discuss future cooperation

The TEFCOLD Group is a leading European commercial refrigeration company with a turnover of more than EUR 120 million, 130 employees and warehouses in 4 countries. In the UK TEFCOLD has more than 40 employees and has its local head office in Castle Donington where its premises includes warehouse and office space altogether covering more than 100.000 square feet.


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