TEFCOLD Group is expanding

TEFCOLD Group is expanding

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TEFCOLD Group has acquired Nosreti Velkoobchod as of August 1, 2020. Both TEFCOLD and Nosreti Velkoobchod are operating within the commercial cooling market.

"The acquisition of Nosreti Velkoobchod will help us increase our supplier base and improve our logistical set up in Europe and hence allow us to serve our customers even better going forward” says TEFCOLD CEO Jesper Kirkeby Hansen. “We have worked with Nosreti Velkoobchod for many years and are very comfortable that this acquisition will strengthen both companies and their customers”. 

Nosreti Velkoobchod is a 30-year-old privately owned company, operating out of Ostrava in Czech and Bratislava in Slovakia. Nosreti Velkoobchod has 38 employees and is selling approximately 16,000 cooling units per year in addition to selling air conditioning and heat pumps. The Divestment of Nosreti Velkoobchod Refrigeration Group is part of a planned generation change process. “After having run the company successfully for many years we are happy to pass it over to TEFCOLD to take the company into the future”, states Mr Jaroslav Nosreti, owner of Nosreti Velkoobchod “We cannot think of a better owner of Nosreti Velkoobchod, its employees and customers than TEFCOLD. We share many values and have similar business models”.

In most respects Nosreti Velkoobchod and TEFCOLD will continue with “business as usual” under the new common ownership. Nosreti Velkoobchod will be run by the same management group and the same employees as today. “We are looking forward to being part of the TEFCOLD Group with the advantages it gives us in serving our customers even better, through increased group warehousing, new product development and new systems”, says Ms Andrea Steckerova who continues; ”The fact that we are part of a larger group with long term ambitions in the market also gives our employees great career possibilities”.